Day 2, Game 2

For readers unfamiliar with my mission, this is a blog documenting my experience playing a year of League of Legends ranked solo queue. This is a post about my second game. My first game could have gone better but LoL like life is all about dusting yourself off and trying again.

Inspiring words and hit songs from the year 2000 aside, I wasn’t looking forward to playing this match and was already starting to question the whole “play a ranked game a day and write about it for a year” endeavor I got myself into.

But my great grandfather never missed a day as a U.S. railroad worker in 30 years so I thought I better man up and play the goddamn game.

Here’s how champion select went down.

Day 2 Game 2 Champion Select

Mercifully, I didn’t have first pick for my team and de facto captain status. No top lane for me this time. I wanted to fly under the radar and so I typed “fill” in the chat where players typically write down their role preference. Fill in LoL speak means that you are willing to fill any position on the team. But the truth was at that moment I was crossing my fingers and hoping that my four teammates would desire the four most popular roles and leave the humble “support” role available for me.

The chief reason I wanted to play support was very simple, supports are the least likely to garner blame and conversely praise for their play. But I’ve also always been intrigued by the support role even though I personally rarely play it in unranked games. The first pro LoL match I can ever remember watching featured a support, in this case the champion Morgana, that took the game completely over with her well placed dark bindings (dark binding is a spell that locks an opponent in place for 2-3 seconds and gives Morgana’s damage dealing teammates an easy opportunity to get a kill). Supports don’t deliver the coup de grâce but they facilitate the kill. They are the unsung heroes on Summoner’s Rift.

So when the draft rolled around to me I got my wish and was able to lock in a support champion. I chose Janna.

For those of you who may not know, Janna is currently (at the time of this post) renowned as the best support champion in the business. But she wasn’t a champion I was very familiar with. In fact I just bought her a few days before this match would take place and had only taken her out for a test drive in a few unranked matches the night before this game. So I felt like there was a bit of risk in picking Janna because if I played poorly I would likely face increased criticism for doing so on a character that is deemed OP (overpowered). After the debacle that was my first ranked solo queue game, increased criticism was not something I wanted and I feared it might break me, both as a man and as an LoL summoner.

Dissolve To:

37:40 later…

Day 2 Game 2 Victory

Yeah, I won. No big deal. I’m not going to start thinking I’m the best player in the world. I just flew under the radar, did the LoL equivalent of showing up to my U.S. railroad job, and facilitated some kills (8 to be exact).

Day 2 Game 2 Post Game Lobby



Additional details from the match below.

Day 2 Game 2 Game Stats

Day 2 Game 2 Match Stats

Day 2 Game 2 Match Breakdown

Day 2 Game 2 Purchase Order

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Unsung Heroes.”


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