Day 5, Game 5

It was Sunday night and I’d already spent a decent portion of the day with League of Legends but I was yet to play a game. Confused? That’s because LoL is more than just a pastime played by schmucks like me. LoL is also a sport played by paid professionals and broadcast across the world via Youtube, Twitch, and other streaming services. After sleeping through my alarm for several hours I woke up, opened my Mac and watched Team Dignitas take on Team Impulse. It wasn’t a particularly riveting match of LoL but it served as great background noise while I made some much needed coffee.

If you think I’m a nerd for playing this game and blogging about it, I’m about to blow a hole through your fucking skull… I like watching LoL even more than I like playing it and starting next week I plan on posting a weekly blog about the pro LoL scene.

But enough about people who are actually good at LoL. How did CrazyGiblets do in his 5th ever ranked game?

If you follow this blog you may know that I’ve built a pretty solid three game winning streak (game 2, game 3, game 4) after falling face first into a bear trap in my first match (game 1).

Champion select:

Day 5 Game 5 Champion Select

Yes, I went with Janna support again. Am I a coward attempting to just skate through his 10 ranked placement matches? Maybe. But I do actually enjoy playing support and I like winning even more. So yeah, I’m probably a coward but I welcome William Munny to someday make a movie about me that’ll gross 250 million dollars in it’s first month.

The result:

Day 5 Game 5 Victory

I won again. I’m not going to go into detail because I don’t want to jinx my run of success (or luck, probably luck).

Make sure you check back next week if you’re interested in me passing judgement on people who are imminently better at this game/sport than I and please continue to follow my yearlong quest to bring you the most personal League of Legends ranked solo queue coverage in the business.



Additional details from my match below.

Day 5 Game 5 Post Game Lobby

Day 5 Game 5 Match Info

Day 5 Game 5 Stats

Day 5 Game 5 Match Overview

Day 5 Game 5 Player Build

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Apologies.”


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