Day 6, Game 6

It’s 3:00 am Monday morning and I’m about to log in and play my ranked game of the day. League of Legends can mess with your head and keep you up at night if the losses pile up. 

But that’s not what has me up late tonight (or up early this morning, whatever). Instead of a nice Sunday evening of relaxation, I was diligently at work catching up on my posts about my recent daily games. This being my first blog there was a lot of “how-to” to learn and I’m not a technologically gifted bro so this whole thing has put me out of my comfort zone a bit. I’ve been told in the past that getting out of one’s comfort zone is a good thing but it doesn’t exactly feel good when you spend several hours trying to figure out why the background of your blog posts are suddenly battleship gray. And it feels even less good when you can’t find a way to resolve the problem and have to rewrite an entire post (not copy and paste it, because that mysteriously makes the new post battleship gray too).

So that’s why I’m up in the wee hours of Monday morning. I probably wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if I tried so I’m going to play my ranked game of the day. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m back. Here’s how champion select went down.

Day 6 Game 6 Champ Select

I mentioned last post that I was going to ride the Janna train as long as I could. So I first picked Janna and I’m going to keep riding this choo choo until it derails in a fiery crash.

This was us loading into the game after champ select.

Day 6 Game 6 Loading Screen

If you look closely you’ll notice that my four teammates (the four other champs along the bottom of the above image) all have gold borders around their champion icons. I believe that means that each of them were gold ranked players last season. If that’s the case that likely means the enemy team has four or five players of similar repute (I don’t believe a border is placed around your opponents on this screen so a team can’t figure out who is accomplished or not on the opposing team and strategize accordingly). I don’t know why League of Legends is matching me with Gold level players. I’m not that good! Or am I?

Cut To:

Train Derailment

I was so tired/saddened after this loss that I forgot to take a screen grab of the words “defeat” plastered across my screen this sweet picture of a fiery train derailment will have to do.

And it turns out the lovely and talented Doctrorpheaus was also logged into LoL at 4:00 am. He actually spectated my game. No he wasn’t watching over my shoulder at my apartment, LoL actually comes with a cool feature that allows you to watch other player’s games. It’s a great way to get better at the game if you watch the higher echelon players and a bit like watching drunken idiots brawling after a football game if you watch someone like me play.

After the game Doctropheaus and I discussed my performance.

Day 6 Game 6 Convo with Dr. O

That Riven, indeed. I just pored over the advanced stats from the game. That Riven handed me 6 of my 8 deaths. I can thank Yasuo for the other 2.

It sucks to lose and I know I played poorly (wrong purchase order, often out of position, not aggressive enough during the laning phase, etc.) but this lose has made me eager to play again, something I hadn’t felt over the weekend. I think I can blame the time that I played at for my poor play today and I think I can blame all the blog stuffed I had to learn and attend to for the malaise I felt about actually playing the game over the weekend. But fear not loyal supporters, citizens and summoners alike, I’m once again addicted to LoL.

glhf and goodnight,


Additional details from my match below.

Day 6 Game 6 Post Game Lobby

Day 6 Game 6 match facts

Day 6 Game 6 match breakdown

Day 6 Game 6 Stats

DAy 6 Game 6 build order


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