Day 8, Game 8

The theme of my eighth League of Legends ranked solo queue placement match was Angler Jax¬†shooting fish in a barrel. Anyone want to venture a guess whose team he was on? Day 8 Game 8 Defeat Not mine. This wasn’t even a real game so I’m going to keep this post short. ¬†Here was champion select. Day 8 Game 8 Champion Select If you look closely in the chat box you can see a summoner on my team boasting about his prowess on a champion named Teemo. Day 8, Game 8 Loading Screen Teemo was our team’s top laner. Teemo looks like this. TeemoThe other team’s top laner was Jax. Jax looks like this. Jax Yeah, who do you think won that fight? Day 8 Game 8 Teemo AFK To make matters worse Teemo left the game at one point for several minutes. Either Teemo was a troll, a quitter, or so jacked up from the curb stomping Jax handed him that he needed a breather. My guess is Teemo was a troll troll based on his post match comments below. Day 8 Game 8 Postgame Lobby

Yeah, that’s a real sweet smiley face, Teemo. Here’s another one.

Disco Troll Job



Additional details from the match below. Day 8 Game 8 Post Game Stats Day 8 Game 8 Advanced Stats Day 8 Game 8 Build Order


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