1st Game in Bronze I

I fucking hate playing League of Legends right now. Let me be clear. I don’t hate LoL because I still enjoy watching people who are actually competent compete in the pro leagues but right now I feel like I’m playing this game with two left hands and ten thumbs.

As you can imagine, I lost this game. Once again. I’m really down in the dumps with my play. Just feel awful. This one was so bad I’m even embarrassed to put up my stats. Just know that I was definitely part of the problem.

I bought Jarven IV yesterday and I really thought playing as him was going to turn my sagging fortunes around.

1st Bronze I Match - Champ Select

But, alas, J4 was banned by the other team. So I drafted the shadow pony and decided to ride or die in the top lane.

1st Bronze I match Post Game Lobby

Mostly I died.

This game was unenjoyable but I have a lot of respect for my team because nobody was calling each other out in the chat. Losing sucks and one team always has to lose but one team doesn’t always have to be dicks to each other. I in turn honored each of my teammates after the match (I’m sure that’s not much consolation to them but it’s something).



If you want to see something pathetic I suggest you revisit the Seattle Seahawks trying to win a Super Bowl from the one yard line but if watching criminals and UGG models isn’t your thing you could check out the additional details from my match below.

1st Bronze 1 Match Info

1st Bronze 1 Match Gold Advantage

1st Bronze I Match Stats

1st Bronze I Match Build Order


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