Day 10, Game 10

Before you actually play a match of League of Legends ranked solo queue you have to meet your randomly generated teammates and draft the champion (i.e. character) that you’ll eventually be playing as. You and your four teammates and your five opponents gather in the champion select lobby. This is a bit of a game in itself because team captains choose to ban three champions each before every player selects their champion, meanwhile people on each team will jockey for the position or champion they want to play. The lobby in my final placement match felt ominous.

I was warned that something like this may happen.

the shit players come out on the weekend

That was a message I received the prior weekend from my LoL mentor Doctrorpheaus. I wouldn’t know how true Doctrorpheaus’ word were until I played this match Friday night (that’s technically the weekend).

This was the first time in my 10 placement matches that people were giant dicks during champion select. People being assholes during champion select isn’t something I’m unfamiliar with. In fact, it happens quite a bit in the unranked blind pick matches that I used to exclusively play, but in my first 9 ranked matches I’ve been lucky enough to avoid it. I was starting to think maybe it just didn’t happen in ranked play. How wrong I was.

Day 10 Game 10 Champ Select 1

Day 10 Game 10 Champ Select 2

Day 10 Game 10 Champ Select 3

And in case you are wondering, no, the venom wasn’t contained to just champion select. It continued all game and even afterwards. To be clear, I’m not rolling with Hecarim mid because I want to redefine the meta and I’m certainly not trolling. I’m going with Hecarim because that is the champ I’ve had the most success with recently when I’ve played unranked games (he’s even been played in the mid lane in the LCS). I’m not good at this game, I’ve never claimed I was, and I’m most likely going to get beaten by someone who is good or at least better than me, and the champion I pick is going to have very little to do with that when it happens.

The player on our team that was giving me the hardest time was a summoner that chose to play as Tristana. You might assume that maybe he was just annoyed because he’s good at LoL and doesn’t want to get dragged down by someone incompetent.

You might also suspect that someone that is playing a champion that looks like this (upper left corner,) must be good at the game.

Day 10 Game 10 Loading Screen

If you thought either of those things you’ be dead wrong because this Tristana gave up first blood, went 1/5/2 (that’s 1 kill to 5 deaths with two assisted kills), and was the main reason we lost by losing her lane so badly and helping the opposing Ezreal snowball the game.

Day 10 Game 10 Post Game Lobby

I can say this with 100 percent certainty, the summoner in this match that played as Tristana is the single worst person I’ve ever come across playing this game.

To give credit where credit is due, our Zilean kept a positive attitude all game (I’m not sure how) and in his own little way made the game less awful than it was. I honored him after the game.

This game reminded me of two sayings I hold near and dear to my LoL heart. 1) The team the stays together, slays together. 2) The team that fights with each other in the champion select lobby, more often than not, loses.



Additional match details below.

Day 10 Game 10 Match Info

Day 10 Game 10 Gold Advantage

Day 10 Game 10 Match Stats

Day 10 Game 10 Build Order


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