Day 9, Game 9

When I played my penultimate League of Legends ranked solo queue placement match I decided to once again play the support position. In this case, I first picked the champion Janna. I now realize this whole playing support thing might have to stop. I’ve been doing some serious soul searching and I’m not sure if got in the habit of playing support solely as a reaction to being thoroughly outclassed in my first ever LoL ranked solo queue match when I played a top lane champion, Hecarim. In my second ranked game I relinquished my top lane duties and have since been playing support when I get the chance. In a recent post I defined the support role as follows:

  • Support – One of the roles each five man team should have. This role’s main duty is to keep their four teammates alive and provide an environment for them to thrive.

Let me elaborate on that description a little. Support is also the player on the team that is least likely to get blamed or praised for their play. I was heavily derided by my teammates in my first ranked solo queue game, a loss. Moving forward one of the main things I wanted was to avoid that embarrassment again so I naturally sought out the lowest stakes position.

My first few games playing support were a lot of fun and we won. The last two games haven’t been close and when you’re a support on a team getting their ass kicked there really isn’t anything you can do besides standing there and watch your teammates die around you.

Let’s get to the game, this is how champion select played out.

Day 9 Game 9 ADC doesn't want flash

You’ll notice in the chat box that several members of our team alerted our Graves, that he didn’t have flash. Here’s how the rest of that conversation went.

Day 9 Game 9 Champ Select

What is flash? Flash is 1 of 12 summoner spells that each player has access too. Players can pick 2 of these spells to take with with them into each game. Flash is basically ubiquitous (it is chosen by something like 97% of players) because it allows you to instantly teleport a short distance and is crucial in securing a kill on an escaping enemy or saving oneself from a surefire death. So our team marched into combat with a Graves without a flash.

Day 9 Game 9 Loading Screen

The result of this match…

Day 9 Game 9 Postgame Lobby

Another resounding defeat. I don’t want to blame it all on Graves because he seemed like a nice person and I didn’t think his play was that bad, outside of dying several times when flash could have saved his life and failing to lock down kills on fleeing foes for the same reason.

Graves not taking flash had more to do with our loss than just his play. It made players on the team resign themselves to defeat before the game even started because they assumed Graves was either a troll or completely unaware of how to play the game the right way. If you look closely in the chat box from the second champion select image you’ll notice one summoner typed “GG”. That’s an acronym that stands for good game. GG is supposed to be a way for players to show their respect to one another after a game is over but often in practice GG is typed by someone as a form of saying “we can’t win now” (like after a big team fight goes poorly). So you can imagine that it’s a really bad sign when someone types that during champion select.

After the match I chatted with my good friend, Doctrorpheaus.  The bracketed numbers represent the time, PST, AM.

why are you supping?

ADC no flash

97th percentile bad

Playing support is a lot of fun when your team is good. It’s an exercise in futility when they are not.

Doctrorpheus left me with one last tidbit before I signed off.

You're insane for playing support

For the record, I don’t have a problem with people thinking I’m insane but If people are going to find me as insane I want it to be for the right reason(s). I’m going to stop playing support in League of Legends for awhile.



Additional details from my match below.

Day 9 Game 9 Stats

Day 9 Game 9 Gold Advantage

Day 9 Game 9 Match Facts

Day 9 Game 9 Build Order


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